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Privacy Policy of RaubVPN.com

We have designed our Privacy policy in a simple manner. We believe in total privacy of our valued customers and ensure 100% secrecy of their information. Any data related to the user and user’s account will never be handed over to anyone except law enforcement personnel, if required, with only proper documentation and paperwork. We do not supervise the user’s actions during the sessions, if only, compelled to do so by law and with proper documentation and paperwork. Furthermore, we reserve all right to terminate your account at anytime, if found violating RaubVPN Terms of Services Agreement. In case of Termination of account, refund of the remaining balance will be at our discretion.RaubVPN acknowledges the worth of your information and values your privacy. We will never use information provided by you in ways that you do not consent to.



User’s Personal Information

Personal Identifying Information (PII) comprises of data that identifies user’s identity such as customer name, mobile number and email address, along with the information about activities that is associated with a customer like Product line acquired and applied.

Personal Identifying Information is obtained from the user or from someone on behalf of the user while communicating with RaubVPN, either online or offline.

In the course of using RaubVPN services, customers must need to submit information about themselves or if required access to their systems. The information required from customers include, but may not be limited to the following:

Name of  Customer and the IP address
Operating  system currently in use
Operational logs



Just like many other organizations, we use browser cookies to improve the quality of our services further. We send one, or more, cookies to your device that uniquely identify your browser and some other related information. Most internet browsers are, by default, set to accept all cookies; but they can be reset to prompt when to accept a cookie or refuse all cookies.

These cookies help us to gather a bit of useful information related to your visit to RaubVPN.com. The information that we gather includes:

Running Operating System
Type of Browser
Language of Browser
Internet Protocol Address
Time of Visit with Date
Referral Site (Site that referred you to visit our website)
Some percentage of the information is similar to PII that we employ at RaubVPN.com to improve our offerings for our valuable customers. You can disable cookies if you don’t wish your navigational pattern to be analyzed. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you accept cookies so that you can properly use our services.



How we use the PII at RaubVPN.com

At RaubVPN.com, we use your PII for developing a better route to understanding your needs, requirements and interests; so, we can use it to enhance the level of our services, refine the business, improve service features and ensure the best VPN experience for our customers.  We use PII for the purpose of;

Communication, interaction and construction of strong relationship with our customers
Delivering you promotions of RaubVPN and third party affiliates that suit your requirements and needs
Process, fulfill and connect your transactions and requests for products and services
Create your account and manage it
Maintain and enhance our services, increase effectiveness and deliver the best services through marketing and advertising
Personalize after sales relationship with customer
Comply with legal laws and policies
Enforce terms of use and prohibit any kind of fraudulent or illegal activities


Sharing and Disclosure of Information

RaubVPN does not share, rent or sell your private information with any third party and only uses it to provide you products and services that you have asked for, except in some conditions such as:

If  received any legal notice or court orders and to protect against any legal claims.
If required to provide information to our third party affiliates that are bound under confidentiality contract
If merged with another company or VPN provider, your information will be transferred automatically.


Data Encryption and Protection

We employ strong cryptographic algorithm to securely store all PII, Private keys and Passwords in encrypted format. Strict security measures are taken to obstruct any kind of unauthorized access, false alteration, destruction and data breach. RaubVPN does not allow its employees, contractors and third party agents to access users’ data at any level. In the process of developing, operating and delivering the valuable services, only those employees are permitted to access data that are strictly bound under the confidentiality contract. In case of failing to meet the confidentiality contract, employees may be exposed to termination or legal prosecution.



File Sharing / Torrent downloading and DMCA Notice

You agree to avoid any kind of illegal activity mainly prohibited illegal file sharing and Torrent downloading in jurisdiction where these activities are banned by legislative bodies such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia and others. Further, we keep blocking illegal file sharing and Torrent downloading on our servers with changing global web policies to maintain compliance. As of now, file sharing and Torrent downloading is allowed only in few country servers of RaubVPN that are situated in Sweden, Netherlands, Russia, Germany, Romania, Luxembourg and Turkey. RaubVPN complies with DMCA notices and therefore forbids its customers from such behavior.


Main Highlight

RaubVPN is legally authorized and reserves all rights to change this policy whenever required. It will always be available on our website and updated accordingly. That is why it is the responsibility of users to regularly check for updated RaubVPN privacy policy.