• Let’s change your IP address by using RaubVPN

Step #1:
Click on the Setting icon on the main screen of your Tab.
Step #2:
In “Setting” clicks on “More Setting”
Step #3:
Once screen is open, click on “VPN”
Step #4:
Next click on “Add VPN Network”
Step #5:
Enter “RaubVPN” in Name slot
Step #6:
Scrol down “Type” to select protocol type and click on “L2TP/IPSec PSK”
Step #7:
Next, add server address on the screen as provided to you by RaubVPN
Step #8:
In the area of “IPSec Pre-shared key” enter 12345678
Step #9:
Now your RaubVPN connection is visible on screen as RaubVPN (L2TP/IPSec PSK). Click on it
Step # 10:
Enter your username and password in next screen as provided to you by RaubVPN and click connect
Step #11:
You are now connected to RaubVPN services!