• Let’s change your IP address by using RaubVPN

Install RaubVPN software from Apple Store
Step # 1:
Tap on “Setting” on the main screen.
Step # 2:
Under the tab of settings, select “General Setting”.
Step # 3:
Next select the “Network” option.
Step # 4:
Under the General Tab, select “VPN”.
Step # 5:
Next, tap on “Add VPN Configuration”.
Step # 6:
Select “PPTP” between the two provided protocols, namely, PPTP and L2TP.
Step # 7:
Write RaubVPN in the field of “Description” box.
Step # 8:
Now, enter the server name in “Server” box provided to you by RaubVPN.
Step # 9:
Enter your user ID in “Account” field as provided to you by RaubVPN.
Step # 10:
Now, enter your password that is provided to you by RaubVPN.
Step # 11:
Select “Encryption Level”.

Step # 12:
Now you can see RaubVPN account on the top left side of the screen. Tap on the account.
Step # 13:
Now, select “Save”.
Step # 14:
You can see that the connection has just been created as “RaubVPN”. Now toggle the button to “ON”.
Step # 15:
Now, you will see that RaubVPN is “Connecting”.
Step # 16:
Once you see “Connected”, it means now you are secured with RaubVPN services.