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RaubVPN Services Agreement

This is the services agreement between you and RaubVPN for using virtual private network communication services and related characteristics. We have clearly declared to you that this is an anonymous secure service and completely forbids illegal activities and criminal acts. Hereby, you agree not to break any rules and laws of any jurisdiction from the day you start using our services and till the day those services are terminated.


You agree to accept the responsibility of your user Id and password and in case of any mishap conducted from any host that has logged in with your user id and password; you will be held responsible for any kind of legal consequences.


You agree to not using your RaubVPN account for sending any kind of port scanning, scanning for open proxies and relays, opt-in emails, unsolicited emails, large quantities of email and spam. You agree not to use our services for launching any pop-ups. You agree not to use our service to launch attacks on any other server or network.


We hereby declare that service speed, coverage and quality may vary. We assure you to deliver the maximum uptime except some delays for limited periods required for maintenance and in case of unnatural factors that are beyond our control like third party service failure, equipment problem, network limitation, transmission block, intrusion, reporting strength etc. In case of such scenarios, we will not be responsible for any data lost, messages not delivered or misdirected. We have all the right to impose service caps, terminate the services or suspend some part of the service at our sole judgment to protect clients or the service. Network speed is not projected and shows no sign of the speed at which you send or receive files. The definite network speed will vary from time to time on the basis of reasons like network arrangement, density, clogging and more. The accuracy and correctness of information received is not guaranteed; setbacks or lapses may arise.


We do not monitor or save any user actions (visited websites, DNS, emails etc.). We only keep log of attempts to connect to our server, time duration of sessions, bandwidth used and user clicks made to our software (to improve the software usage). We don’t appreciate any form of suppressions. We don’t pass on the information, which is private to us, to any third party. We don’t respond to any request for information sharing unless it comes directly from a court of competent jurisdiction. We do protect you to the maximum and so does our system that is setup to automatically do so. We believe users have hundreds of reasons to be anonymous and we respect them fully.


You agree to the condition that if found guilty of hacking, virus distribution, fraudulent activities, network sabotage, phishing, cracking and any deemed illegal or unwanted act, you shall be subjected to suspension or termination of your VPN account. Customers are fully responsible for secure configuration of their systems and in case of any harm caused by user negligence whether intentional or unintentional, RaubVPN will not be held responsible to compensate for the damage in any way whatsoever.



Anti-Fraud guidelines

RaubVPN does not offer its VPN services for African Nations except South Africa. This step has been taken in response to the increasing complaints of fraudulent activities directed from certain African countries. However, RaubVPN has all the rights to alter the conditions or make exceptions for anyone to get an account with permissible receipt of government IDs and Landline phone. If any user tries to bypass checks imposed by RaubVPN, it will immediately lead to suspension or termination of the VPN account. In case of any illegal activity or fraudulent activity directed by any of the clients, it will be instantly reported to related law enforcement authorities.


In order to keep up with complete compliance and serve our legitimate customers like you, we have designed strict Anti-fraud policy. In case our Anti-fraud system rates your transaction as a “Potential Risk”, we will request you to go through a verification process. The purpose of taking such verification is to keep fraudsters away from using our services. We believe that you are a genuine customer so you will have no issue in going through a verification process that is a simple and fast. We present to you some options by which you can verify yourself like sending us a blank email from your registered email address or sending us a copy of any non-confidential document.


You agree to all the terms and conditions illustrated above in your services agreement. We may alter the agreement, make changes from time to time and adjust it according to various requirements. After every alteration or change, the whole agreement will be binding again with all the changes, and that is why we recommend you to read your services agreement on RaubVPN.com periodically to check new terms of use.